The Ultimate Vegan Gift-giving Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Gift-Giving

Looking for inspiration for the perfect vegan or vegan-friendly present for a loved one?

Look no further – I got you covered!

In this post I will provide you with many vegan gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Because you do need to be inspired when making or buying a present for someone – after all, gift-giving is about love and showing people that you truly care.

And with Christmas season just around the corner, I sincerely hope that you will find this list super useful!

This article was produced in collaboration with the lovely folks at EarthHero, an eco-friendly online marketplace with a wide range of vegan, zero-waste and sustainably manufactured products. You can get 10% off your purchase with the coupon code: VEGANDATABASE




1. Animal sanctuary donation
2. Clothing with vegan slogans
3. Clothes, shoes and accessories from vegan brands
4. Vegan perfume
5. Vegan cookbooks
6. Animal lover gifts
7. Voucher for a vegan-friendly wellness center
8. Zero-waste swaps
9. Vegan snacks care package
10. Vegan jewelry
11. Vegan books
12. Vegan alcohol
13. Vegan desserts
14. Cosmetic gift sets
15. Sprouting kit
16. Artisan vegan cheese
17. Kitchen accessories
18. Personalized family portrait 
19. Experience gifts
20. Merch from vegan artists




Animal sanctuaries do incredibly important work. Not only do they rescue and help animals in need, providing them with shelter, food and care, but they also help educate the public about animal rights and welfare. They offer people the opportunity to see these animals as the individuals that they are, in real life, and not as commodities to be used and abused.

Donations help with food, bedding and medicine cost, upkeep and bills, facility maintenance. Most vegan animal sanctuaries don’t receive any support from the government and rely entirely on contributions from concerned individuals.

Any vegan would be happy and grateful to receive a gift in the form of a donation to an animal sanctuary in their name.

It can be a one-time or a recurring monthly donation. Most sanctuaries also accept non-monetary donations, for example healthy food items – it’s best to contact the sanctuary first to see what foods and other items they are in need of. A lot of sanctuaries also publish a wish-list from which people can choose to buy and donate specific products.

Also check if your workplace offers gift-matching programs.

Sponsoring an animal would make a wonderful gift – your loved one could get a wallet-size picture of the animal that you have fostered in their name.

Make sure you choose an animal sanctuary with a vegan ethos, so that the money is donated in a way that helps all animals, and not just some at the expense of others. (and watch out for potential scams, too)



vegan clothing

T-shirts, hoodies, tops, leggings, hats – you name it. Clothes and accessories with vegan slogans and art are incredibly popular among vegans and with good reason.

Veganism is a philosophy based on ethical principles, one that seeks to end speciesism and the property status of animals. Even though there are more vegans nowadays than ever before, billions of animals are still being exploited worldwide every year.

Wearing a t-shirt or hoodie with a powerful, thought-provoking message about animal rights and compassion can be a great way to get people thinking about these topics without any pressure, awkwardness or confrontation.

Basically, we use our clothing as campaign material – and we LOVE IT.

All you need to do is check that the item is the right size for your loved one and that the style and message would be something they vibe with. Guaranteed to make them happy.



vegan brands backpack

Fashion items from ethical brands devoted to sustainability and animal ethics are hard to come by. Which is why getting your loved one a good quality belt, wallet, sweater or any other item of clothing from a vegan and eco-friendly brand would be a wonderful idea.

The photo above is of me, hiking along the Amalfi coast, with my Tigerbear Republik backpack – I bought this bag 4 years ago and I’m still in love with it. In the past I have bought boots from the same brand, as well as belts and a wallet from Will’s Vegan Shoes for my partner. 

Just check out the local vegan and ethically-made clothing and accessories brands in your country and read through the about section on their websites – this should tell you more about their company values and production process.

EarthHero is an eco-friendly online marketplace where you can pick from products that are sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a way that protects our planet’s future. There’s an option to quickly check the sustainability features of each product by looking at the logos in the description, e.g. vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably harvested etc.
You can get 10% off your shopping basket by using the code VEGANDATABASE.  

You could also look into wallets, card-holders, notebooks and journals made of cork, leaf leather or mushroom leather.



pacifica vegan perfumes

When you’re unsure of what present to get for someone, it’s hard to go wrong with a nice perfume. As long as it is vegan and cruelty-free, that is.

Most well-known perfume brands are unfortunately not animal-friendly at all. Produced by companies which still test on animals, commercial perfumes often also contain ingredients of animal origin. Ambergris for example can still be found in certain perfumes – it is a substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales and has traditionally been used by perfumers as a fixative. Castroreum and musk are other animal-derived ingredients commonly used in perfume-manufacturing – you can read more on this topic on the Logical Harmony blog.

Luckily, there are plenty of vegan perfumes on the market. Some of the most popular brands are Pacifica, Lush, Eden and Kat Von D. On Sephora, you can also find The 7 Virtues, Clean Reserve and Skylar among other brands.

If you know that the giftee has a favorite or signature fragrance, it’s best to check if Eden offer a vegan dupe of that original brand. Eden’s concept is to offer vegan and cruelty-versions of popular fragrances. They are a UK brand but they do ship internationally, too!



vegan cookbook

As a fan of practical gifts myself, I’d be happy to receive a vegan recipe book for any occasion. And there certainly are a lot of great options out there!

Before getting someone a cookbook as a gift, however, it’s best to spend some time focusing on what THEY love eating and preparing. 

Do they love baking and desserts? Hearty meals? Clean eating? What level are they at with their cooking skills? Make sure you don’t buy a juicing book for someone who generally lives off pizza and Chinese takeaway, or a complex cookbook for someone who is looking for easy and quick recipes.

Based on the reviews I’ve read, some of the books I’d personally go for would be The Homemade Vegan PantryFuss-Free Vegan or Isa Does It cookbook for hearty meals which are not too basic but not too complicated to make either.

For the more advanced cooks out there, I know that Thug Kitchen, Veganomicon, Vegan 100 from Avant-Garde Vegan are quite popular.

For the health-conscious I’d opt for Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. , The PlantPure Nation Cookbook or The Oh She Glows Cookbook.

Really, though, we are spoilt for choice so feel free to browse around and find the one that “speaks” to you the most.



cat lovers gifts

I’ll start with a quick clarification – not every vegan is an animal lover. Veganism is about boycotting the exploitation of animals, so it has to do with ethics and then the practical implications of these ethical principles.

So being against the use and abuse of animals doesn’t necessarily mean that you love hanging out with animals per se.

Nevertheless, the majority of vegans do in fact love animals – there are plenty of dog, cat, rabbit, pig, goat, chicken, cow and rat-lovers among us.

If the person you are looking to buy a gift for has a favorite species of animal, you can go for a cute mug, cushion, key-chain, hoodie, t-shirt, pajama set or pair of socks with that theme.

I for one have been eyeing this kangaroo pouch hoodie for years now, and hope to get it this Xmas. A friend of mine gave me a super funny cat cushion some years ago and I was absolutely delighted to get it – she knows me well!



spa vegan

This one may seem a bit odd at first but it’s actually pretty hard to find beauty salons and wellness centers that work exclusively with vegan and cruelty-free products.

Sure, there are ways to work around it – you could buy a vegan hair dye and pull a DIY hair coloring at home, you could do your own mani/pedi, or bring your own massage oil when you visit a spa.

But if you can find a vegan-friendly salon or wellness center in your area, giving your loved one a voucher for such a place would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Vilda Magazine has compiled a useful list of vegan hair salons across numerous locations and VegNews offer some suggestions for US-based spas as well.

But you can also contact local salons and spa centers directly and ask them what products they use. Thankfully, cruelty-free products are gaining popularity even among estheticians who may not be vegan themselves.

You could also look for vegan hair stylists, manicurists and massage therapists who provide in home services.




Another super practical type of gift – zero waste substitutions that your loved one can use in everyday life. 

A win for us, a win for the environment – these budget-friendly zero waste gifts could be a wonderful idea. Some suggestions:

collapsible or reusable straws

bamboo utensil sets

– bamboo, porcelain or stainless steel travel mugs, coffee flasks and water bottles

– vegan tote bags

– beautiful coconut bowls 

lunch boxes

I recently bought a cute collapsible straw for a friend of mine, as a small “thank you” gift and she loved it, because she is very passionate about minimizing environmental pollution and waste.




This one would go more into the “guilty pleasure” category of gifts.

Amazon sells a number of vegan snack boxes – such as a Deluxe Vegan Protein Snacks Box, a Healthy Vegan Snack Assortment Care Package and a Snack Attack Vegan Care Package.

Now you want one, don’t you.

But you don’t have to get a ready-made assortment package – you could prepare your own mix of vegan snacks and create a gift box or a gift basket. It may come out cheaper this way and it would ensure that you put only the good stuff in there.



Another way to spread the vegan message – through a pretty necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet, pin or key ring.

Whenever I’ve been to vegan markets and festivals, I’ve noticed that pins are actually super popular among vegans, alongside stickers which are commonly used on tablets and laptops.

You may want to browse Etsy for this type of gift, as they have some truly wonderful suggestions.



vegan books

We discussed cookbooks, but there are also many books which are not food related but are wonderful resources for anybody who is interested in animal rights, animal ethics, vegan values or the health and environmental aspects of a vegan lifestyle.

Even though there are way too many to list, I can help jump-start your brainstorming:

– on the topic of health, some popular titles include How Not To Die, Simple Happy Kitchen, The China Study;

– on the topic of ethics in relation to the animal kingdom we could go with Eating Animals, Animal Liberation, the Vegan Sidekick or The End of Animal Farming;

– certain books explore the connection between animal agriculture and the environmental crisis, or the relation between sexual objectification of women and animal exploitation.

If the person you are planning the gift for loves travelling, a vegan travel guide could be the perfect fit.




Most people are not aware, but there are a lot of alcoholic beverages which are not vegan-friendly. Barnivore is of course a fantastic resource which allows us to check whether specific brands and beverages are vegan or not.

As a general rule, light beers and hard liquor are typically vegan but it’s always best to check specifically for each product.

Wines and liqueurs are much harder to maneuver, as a lot of liqueurs contain dairy, while many wine manufacturers use animal products in the filtering process.

This is why organic vegan wines can be a great gift idea. (Apparently there are even vegan wine tasting experiences offered in different parts of the world nowadays.)

I think a lot of people would be happy to receive a vegan cream liqueur as a gift as well. For example, Baileys have been selling a vegan Liqueur with almond milk called Baileys Almande. A few more suggestions can be found in this LiveKindly article.



vegan cake

At this point I’m starting to wonder how many of these gifts I can “gift” to myself a.s.a.p. but anyway, let’s move on!

Cake and chocolate, I’m talking about cake and chocolate. Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? Then buying them a luscious vegan cake, baked or raw, will probably make them quite happy.

I would go with a local vegan business if possible. Another option is to make a vegan dessert for them yourself. A family member made me a wonderful vegan cake with cat figurines made of sugar for my 30th birthday – it was such a thoughtful, sweet gesture, I will always be grateful for it. 

You could also go with artisan vegan chocolate, or once again – go for a DIY project. I made “milk” chocolate cashew bark for my partner’s birthday this year, I loved it and I don’t even like chocolate that much.




We already talked about vegan perfumes, but vegan cosmetics in general can make for a great gift idea.

Depending on who the recipient is and what his/her tastes are, there are many different options: lotions and creams, shampoos, bath bombs or makeup sets.

If you would prefer to support small businesses and buy handmade products, Etsy is a great place to start, offering a wide variety of vegan bath & beauty gift sets – just filter by location if you would like to shop locally.

Lush sell beautifully wrapped gift sets, a lot of which include their awesome bath bombs, just make sure none of the products in the set contains honey or beeswax.

If you want to go the zero waste route then think of essential oils, ethically made bar soaps, shampoo bars and reusable makeup remover pads.

In the US, Sephora sells a lot of vegan beauty products and toiletries, while in the UK you could find such options in Superdrug (low-cost), Wearth (eco-friendly) and Ethical Superstore (ethically-conscious).

Ecco Verde is an Italian shop which sells natural cosmetics, including a wide selection of vegan products, and ships internationally.

Over at Logical Harmony there are some great product lists for cruelty-free gift shopping as well.




If the giftee loves salads, herbs and fresh produce like I do, and would love to grow their own food but perhaps lacks the time and space to do it, a sprouting kit or indoor herb garden kit could be a lovely surprise for them.

Depending on how much space they have in the kitchen, browse around for a suitable kitchen sprouter.

I personally have a thing for spices and herbs and growing things, so if the person you’re planning the gift for is anything like me, they would enjoy a herb garden starter kit like this one.



vegan cheese

Not all vegan cheeses were created the same.

Some taste funny, others have the texture of rubber. But luckily there are so many delicious vegan cheeses out there as well. 

If you are lucky enough to live near a shop with handcrafted plant-based cheese then a vegan cheese hamper or gourmet basket would make a great gift for your foodie friends.




Now I know kitchen utensils and appliances are generally vegan-neutral, that is to say they have no relation to animal exploitation per se.

But some tools could really help step up your game as a vegan cook.

We all know about blenders, juicers and food processors. But most vegans would typically have these at home already, not to mention that they are costly.

A food spiralizer could make for an interesting addition to their kitchen arsenal, however. And so would a tofu press, vegetable steamer, milk frother or mandolin slicer.



portrait illustration

Another one from my personal wish-list – a custom illustration of my family (predominantly cause I want a portrait of my cats, whom I adore).

There are actually so many artists nowadays providing this service, you can really choose from many different formats, styles and techniques (digital illustration, cartoon style, acrylic or watercolor).

Super cute and heart-warming!



cooking class

If you would prefer an experience gift to a material one, you could:

  • Organize a dinner at a nice local vegan restaurant for both of you. This gives you the chance to enjoy some great food in a nice atmosphere but also to spend quality time together.
  • Sign them up for a vegan cooking or raw food culinary class, either locally or online, depending on what would suit them best.



gifts from vegan artists

There are so many wonderfully talented and prolific vegan artists out there, and many of them sell their own merchandise, which can make for a fantastic gift for anyone.

Anything from drawings, artistic prints, posters, clothing, tote bags, jewelry, cushions, cards and stationery, woodwork – you name it!

You would be supporting a vegan and AR activist as well as providing a lovely creative gift for your loved one.

I wrote about some amazing vegan artists and featured their work in this post. Hopefully they will inspire you as much as they inspired me!




Did this list give you the inspiration you needed to come up with the perfect gift for your vegan friend, colleague, family member or intimate partner?

If you still haven’t made up your mind, here’s an additional list of gift ideas which are more standard and not necessarily related to the vegan lifestyle:

  • a house plant
  • a stylish terrarium (you could also make one yourself!)
  • smartphone accessories
  • books from their favorite authors or on topic which are interesting to them
  • fluffy throw blankets, chic cushions and pillow covers
  • tea sets and organic infusions
  • shawls, ponchos and pashmina wraps (make sure you avoid any materials of animal origin)
  • ceramic, glass or bamboo mugs and espresso sets
  • paintings and home decor
  • soy candles
  • adult coloring books
  • theater, opera, standup comedy or concert tickets
  • yoga, art or meditation class subscription (you can go together!)



What have I missed? Comment with your suggestions and ideas below to help others.




💚 Happy Gift-Giving! 💚



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