About us

We are all about finding ways to live a more ethical, environmentally conscious and compassionate lifestyle for the sake of our fellow earthlings – the animals, and Mother Earth. 

The Vegan Database aims to be a helpful resource for any person who is interested in self-development and an evolution to a more sustainable and animal-friendly lifestyle. 

Money-saving tips

We explore ways to lead a vegan and eco-friendly life without breaking the bank.

Vegan DIY

Handy tricks to implement in your household, in an effort to be more self-sustainable and less dependent on corporations and wasteful practices.


Easy, tasty, cheap recipes which can appeal to both beginner and experienced vegans.

Useful information

Knowledge is power, and curating relevant and helpful information is ever so important in the data age.

Inspiring stories

Fostering community, enabling support among vegan organisations, businesses, animal charities and green initiatives.


A critical look at environmental degradation, animal exploitation and other vital socio-political topics.

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